Installation guide for Wall stickers

Wall sticker installation instruction 

You must follow the instructions step by step to avoid any damage to the product. 

The Application can be easily done by one, we recommend to install bigger Wall Sticker together with someone.

Your wall sticker comes on a white carrier foil covered by a transparent application tape. You should use a squeegee, you'll need it for an easy and handy installation.

Handy Tipp: Simply cut off smaller parts of your Wall Sticker to apply them separately.

Do not pull off the application tape before reading the installation instruction. Make sure your wall is clean and free of dirt, dust, silicone, dispersion and latex paint.

Instruction to install wall stickers

You must first put together the sticker on a solid surface before installation to check your product for any damage. We only consider processing refund if you send us a high quality picture from the product put together on a surface, this is the only way to proof the product itself was damaged during manufacturing process or shipping and not you damaged it while installing it onto the wall. 

The product can be easily installed onto the wall if you follow the instructions, we recommend to use an experienced decorator if you are unsure about the installation. Thank you for your understanding.