Installation guide for photo wall mural

fotótapéta felragasztása First prepare your wall. It should be clean, flat, smooth and free from unevenness, oil-based paint, wallpaper residue, latex, silicone and dust. 
fotótapéta felragasztása For a perfect finish, we advise you to draw horizontal and vertical guiding lines onto the wall.
fotótapéta felragasztása Stir the provided paste with cold water. Leave to set for the next 30 minutes.
fotótapéta felragasztása The glue should now be evenly spread over the sheet, and left to soak for 3 minutes. Please note: the wallpaper could expand up to 2 cm in size.
fotótapéta felragasztása Start mounting from middle of your wall and orientate to the lines as well as to the numbers on the backside.
Flatten each piece from the upper to the lower side while pressing out the air between the wallpaper and your wall to the side.
fotótapéta felragasztása We recommend to work at room temperature and try to avoid any drafts from open windows. The drying process must happen slowly.
fotótapéta felragasztása When the wallpaper is dry, you have the possibility to cut out the overlaying edges with a cutter.

If you are unsure about wallpapering and decorating your wall, we highly recommend
to ask an experienced decorator to help you with the installation.